Hello dear friends !!!

Thank you for reading this.  I want to let you know that the Dharma Bum Temple is growing up and the seed was planting 10 years ago thanks to Jeff Zlotnik , Now the community grew and the Dharma Tree is big enough to be transplanted in a bigger space and good soil that we can continue to serve many beings and future generations.  This time we need more "Dharma Oasis" to deal with the challenges of this era.  The light of Buddha has been illuminating for the last 2500 years. and it will continue because is base in the basic goodness of each human. There is not a question that we are Buddhas. and the practice of the eightfold path makes us to realized that. This body/mind itself  is the Buddha's body/mind and this life itself is the path of a Buddha. 

I like to ask you for your support, for your donation to get a new home to continue practicing the bodhisattva  path. Please be generous and contribute to the cause. $ 108. $1,008 or $1,0008 or any amount is so meaningful to us. And remind you to keep doing your practice and you practice matters in this world trough your relationships will manifest ... right here is the link to donate . 

Thank you deep bows sincerely Shinzan