Zen Weekend in High Meadow Farm, Freedom New, Hampshire

It is a period of time, where we come together as a sangha to practice zazen (Zen meditation); in which silence is maintained and the focus is on just sitting in the awareness of everything as it is. Retreat is a cornerstone of Zen practice for which there is no substitute—it is essential for any practitioner who hopes to gain insight into their true nature.

For this retreat we will explore the theme of Freedom. What does it mean to be free in the middle of our busy and tightly scheduled modern lives? How do we respond appropriately to suffering (our own and others’) with freedom and spaciousness? How do we take care our lives? Through our practice of zazen we can experience freedom like water: always flowing, unobstructed, clear and fresh, bringing vitality to our lives.

We will observe "Noble Silence" together during the sesshin. We will practice daily periods of sitting (zazen) and walking (kinhin) meditation. We will do simple liturgy service, share meals together, listen to daily Dharma talks, serve with work practice, take care of our bodies with gentle yoga and have an opportunity for personal interviews with the teacher.