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Ways to support Sensei Shinzan 

Sensei Jose Shinzan Palma has deeply committed to sharing the Dharma by dedicating his life to practicing and spreading the teachings of Zen Buddhism. He currently supports himself by teaching events and leading retreats and depends upon the generosity (donations) of his students, friends and fellow practitioners to secure his livelihood. 

If you too want to practice generosity and join in supporting his life and his mission, here are several ways to help:

1) invite him to teach to your group or community. You can request a Dharma talk, Zen meditation instruction/class or a Zen retreat. Zen retreats including daily talks and more intensive meditation practices can be scheduled as one day (Zazenkai) or 3-5 days (weekend or weeklong Sesshins). Covering the costs for Sensei's travel, lodging and meals is required but his teaching is offered on a donation basis.

2) contribute by donating one of these forms of support: purchase gift cards redeemable for groceries,  or gift airline miles or gas cards to cover transportation costs. 

3) make a monetary donation by pay pal, cash, check or credit card.

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4) donate your skills: Sensei is currently seeking expertise in completing and filing paperwork for creating a not-for-profit organization in the state of California.