The Dharma Bum weekend retreat is for those who want to experience, commit to, and strengthen their practice, taking a step backward and bringing out the light within. During this time, we’ll focus on sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful eating, and work practice. Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to study the nature of our minds, thoughts, and feelings and to see how they impact our lives. It’s a good time to slow down and to allow our minds the chance to settle into stillness. We will observe noble silence during the retreat, creating a peaceful and harmonious environment. The silence provides the opportunity to understand and appreciate the true nature of our lives, recognizing the unity between ourselves and others.

• Vegetarian meals are provided by the generosity of the Sangha.

• You will sleep at The Dharma Bum Temple both nights and cannot leave the retreat unless in the case of an absolute emergency.

• You are required to have attended half a day of silence “Dharma Gate of Ease and Joy” retreat.

This retreat is FREE. If you sign up please make the commitment to SHOW UP